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Amazing Facts About The American Akita Dog Breed!

Amazing Facts About The American Akita Dog Breed!

The American Akita is thought of for its strong guarding instincts, fearlessness, and extreme loyalty. One of the two types of Akita. The Japanese Akita is the other the American Akita is large and was actually referred to as the snow country dogs before some say that both Japanese and American Akita are of the same breed. While some clubs distinguish them as two separate breeds nevertheless we can’t deny that this breed is one of the best protectors out there. 

The American Akita what’s so impressive about them is that you are capable of handling them. Is this the right dog for you to tune in to find out?

Fact 1: The American Akita loves snow

The American Akita enjoys living in cold climates, rather than in warmer ones after all their ancestors came from some of Japan’s coldest regions. They even have webbed feet that allow them to have better capability to walk on snow. When winter is nearing you may notice that these dogs will start to get more excited and active. They just love playing in the snow no wonder. They’re called snow country dogs.

Fact 2: The American Akita is a clean freak

We can compare this breed’s ability to clean itself to the felines. In fact, the American Akita is considered one of the cleanest dogs that exist. They’ll take care of themselves. So you won’t need to worry about getting dirt on your furniture or your clothes. Plus they don’t develop doggy odors. However, you would still need to bathe them but only when needed.

Fact 3: They looks noble yet intimidating

The American Akita looks noble yet intimidating from their appearance to their posture. The American aikido looks so decent and noble however as majestic as they may seem. They also give off an intimidating aura. This dog is large, growing up to 130 pounds and 26 inches tall. If it’s your first time getting this dog. You’ll be quite surprised by how regal yet snob they look. However, if you look closer and give yourself a chance to know them more. You’ll soon find yourself having a new dog best friend.

Fact 4: The American Akita is calm and gentle

A natural characteristic which adds to their decent look is their calmness and gentleness. However, they can switch in just a few seconds from being calm to being your protector. Especially if they sensed a threatening situation which is something they’re very good at and being a protector. It means that they’re ready to attack and take down whatever is making you frightened or threatened. Because of this training and early socialization are very important so that their natural characteristics will be put to good use.

Fact 5: Grooming is very easy with the American Akitas

We mentioned earlier that this breed is a clean freak. They like to groom themselves and just be tidy. So that’s already less work for you as an owner. However, they shed so you would still need to brush them at least once or twice a week. They will shed more heavily about two to three times each year and during these times. You need to brush them more often at least once a day nevertheless when compared with other dogs. They don’t demand so much grooming which is good if you’re busy.

Fact 6: They Tends to be Selfish

The American Akita tends to be selfish. One thing that makes the American Akita unique from other dogs is their tendency to be selfish and quite possessive. You may notice them not sharing foods and treats with other animals in the house. But that doesn’t end there. They also tend to be closer or completely attached to one person instead of everyone in the house. Although they will start to get along with other family members for this reason they will be possessive, When it comes to sharing their favorite person with other animals or even people if this sounds terrifying to you. Don’t worry too much though, learning to respect boundaries and limitations. Through proper training is the key to solve this characteristic of them.

Fact 7: Excellent Watchdog

The American Akita makes an excellent watchdog. If the main reason why you would want to get this dog is for protection. Then you’ll definitely want to consider the American Akita with their long history of being very loyal protectors and watchers. It is with no doubt that this breed can make excellent protectors of you, Your family, and your home aside from their bravery and loyalty. They’re also very powerful and are always wary of strangers. Therefore if you have a visitor that’s coming over. Make sure that they are properly introduced to the American Akita. Don’t worry though with your command this breed will let its guard down.

Fact 8: Training American Akita can be Challenging

One thing that will make you reconsider having this breed is their need to have a strong and firm owner who can exhibit dominance much more than they can show you. If it is your first time owning a dog then this breed is not for you. They need someone who is experienced who can take control of everything and who is capable of training them consistently. The American Akita should not be trained by other people. But only their strong loyalty allows them to create deep bonds with their owners. therefore it’ll be hard to get them to listen to other trainers. In addition, you should keep training short, but sweet since it’s hard for them to focus for a long time.

Fact 9: The American Akita is an excellent canine competitor

When it comes to dog sports you may think that the American aikido won’t excel since they are huge, calm, and slow. However, don’t forget that they’re all so powerful and intelligent in some sports that this breed can’t excel in are weight pulling, agility tracking protection competitions, and dog obedience trials. However, you should also be reminded that training them for such competitions can be very difficult, much more difficult than house training. But with consistency and patience. It’s surely rewarding. 

Fact 10: Good at Making Various Sounds

The American Akita is good at making various sounds. Since we all know that they are calm dogs you might think that this breed will be quiet. However, like all dogs, they will still bark but only when necessary aside from barking. They also have this amazing ability to create various sounds don’t be surprised to hear grunting and mumbling sounds from this breed. It’s normal. You may find it adorable and amusing actually and might even prefer it to their loud barks. 

Fact 11: Healthy Dog Breed

The American Akita is a healthy breed in general the American Akita is a healthy breed. Though like everyone else they’re still prone to some genetic diseases and health issues. Such as hip and elbow dysplasia hypothyroidism autoimmune diseases and more to keep your American Akita healthy. Make sure to provide them with a proper diet, daily exercise, regular visits to the vet, and of course lots of time and love. A very healthy American Akita can live up to 10 to 12 years. Although some may live up to 15 years.

Fact 12: They makes a great family companion

The American Akita makes a great family companion, while their temperament is not something everybody can handle. If you’re up to the challenge, the American Akita actually makes a great family dog. While they can be calm most of the time this breed will be more than happy to cuddle with you or play with you or just join you with whatever activity. You prefer they also give high attention to how they’re treated. So if you treat them with respect and much love they will for sure give it back a hundred times more. They also make great playmates with children. So long as the children know how to properly handle them.

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