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Do You Know 10 Things that Can KILL Your Bird!

Do You Know 10 Things that Can KILL Your Bird!

Do You Know 10 Things that Can KILL Your Bird! All bird lovers here are 10 things you haven’t thought that might kill your bird. We are not going to share obvious things with you like avocado and chocolate. 

Number 1: cheap steel iron and lead toys

The first danger comes from if you buy those cheap steel iron and lead toys for getting from stores or ordering online. The issue about those toys is that birds can cause lead poisoning, meaning they get sick and die. The best alternative is to buy natural strawberries and wood plastic yarn. 

Number 2: No Cooking around Birds

The next danger would be to cook food near your current most cookers after flan or aluminum layers that bring out toxic fumes into the entire house. Your bird can simply die from inhaling these toxic fumes like the spore lady’s parakeets that simply died after she cooked near them. Just like cooking around your parents.

Number 3: Chemical Scents are Fatal

Isn’t safe to never leave scented candles, air fresheners, or perfume near your parents. You have no idea how dangerous that is for them. They were super sensitive to smell and can smell all the way from the other side of the house.

Number 4: Plants can be toxic

We all have clients in our houses. It’s okay to have them as long as they are not reachable for your period. Many leaves are toxic, pay attention. So that you won’t chew on any of them as it might kill them.

Number 5: Keep an Eye open for AC DRA

Warm summer days are difficult to bear for humans. But budgies are very sensitive to cold drafts. they can easily become ill and get a deadly cold. Always cover their cage partially if the a/c is on. So make sure they’re not puffed that will alarm you that they are called.  

Number 6: Direct sunlight can be deadly

Just like the cold can also be deadly for them, never leaving their cage near a sunny window with no shade for them to go to can cause terrible. Dehydration issues and also overheating. 

Number 7: Bumblefoot 

We’ve all heard the recommendation to have natural wood purchased for our parrot’s nails right. But here’s another reason why you must have natural wood purchased bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is a deadly condition that can cause a serious bacterial infection and can be very difficult to treat never F plastic or sandpaper purchase in your parrot’s cage. 

Number 8: Dust Could be a quiet Killer

If your parrot is exploring the outside of the cage. They might come across dusty places. You might think well. What’s wrong with that but the scan actually causes some serious respiratory diseases along with real infections. Make sure to clean the bird’s favorite dusty spots across your room. 

Number 9: Tap Water shortens the lifespan

Tap water can shorten your body’s lifespan drastically in most places on earth. Don’t have clean tap waters, rust bacteria, chlorine, and other heavy metals. This is what your budget would consume from tap water.

Number 10: Radiation

Radiation sources near which can cause cancer. We know it’s almost unavoidable. We all use computers and cell phones on a daily basis. But we can still reduce the amount of exposure to radiation by not getting too close to our parents with our phones. And turning off electricity all over the room at night which is also very healthy and beneficial for our own sleep that’s it.

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