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Do you know 12 Things Cats Love the Most!

Do you know 12 Things Cats Love the Most!

It’s true 12 Things Cats Love the Most! There are a few things in this world the cats like more than a fresh meal. We will discover the top 12 things cats love.

Number 1: scratching 

We have all seen how our furniture looks after. A cat gets to it with its claws. Scratching is one of the instinctual behaviors that your cat does for fun to sharpen its claws and to mark its territory within the home. If this behavior is becoming a problem. We recommend that you play some scratching posts around for them. Especially near their favorite scratch spots playing with them during the day to release their energy, might also help reduce this behavior. 

Number 2: Sunbathing

Does your cat have a favorite spot on the windowsill basking in the Sun during the day is a favorite pastime of kitty cats. This is because cats like temperatures 20 degrees higher than humans’ ideal temperature. They seek out heat and when they find it. They like to nap in that spot. This could be by any heat source such as a portable heater, a computer, or on top of a heating vent. 

Number 3: Observing 

Cats can spend countless hours staring out a window and watching the world go by. They are fascinated with objects that get blown around by the wind, insects, people, and birds. If you have an indoor cat and they are alone, definitely open up your blinds and give them a spot on the windowsill. So they can be entertained.

Number 4: High spots

Cats love to sleep in high places as this protects them from getting ambushed unexpectedly. They also love to view the world and everything that goes on around them from these high spots considering purchasing a cat patio with multiple levels. So that cat climbing or try purchasing multi-level, cat towers, climbing nets, and high shelving to let them explore this desire. 

Number 5 Having their butt Scratched

Has your cat ever walked up to you? turned around and presented their tail end good this area right above the tail is. Where a cat cannot use it. Its paws or tongue scratch some cats love to back up against a dangling hand. If they want a good scratch. 

Number 6 Sleeping 

Cats sleep 15 to 16 hours on average in a day when they are sleeping. Avoid bothering them as this will ensure that you don’t stress them out or harm their well-being. If your cat is just a kitten, definitely make sure they get undisturbed sleep. 

Number 7 Running Water

Cats love drinking water from Fawcett’s. This is because your cat might instinctively be suspicious of stagnant water realizing that still water isn’t. Always safe as bacteria and microbes grow exponentially in them. The running water from the tap also probably tastes better. Because it’s cooler and oxygenated, fortunately, there are lots of drinking fountains designed for cats to provide fresh cool, and running water for your pet.

Number 8 Hunting 

You won’t find any cat that doesn’t get the urge to hunt. For most cats, this is going to be in the middle of your night. And while this is unfortunate don’t yell at them, or look on in revulsion. When they bring you their prized catch as this innate need helps them survive. stalking prey is thrilling to them and it would be shameful to try and prevent it. 

Number 9 Being Petted 

Cats love affection despite being pretty independent. Generally, they will ask to be petted. So do not force it. Cats can be sensitive to touch. So if they growl hiss bad at you or do a tail-flick stop immediately

Number 10 Playtime

Cats will play with toys with you or with objects that intrigue them like bottle tabs, crinkly bags, and straws or string. Don’t just rely on toys to ensure their happiness. Though it is better to spend time with them if you can.

Number 11 Food

Cats adore food. They will eat fresh food that is newly opened. But they won’t touch it after that cats need to eat daily but not in the same way that dogs do. If your cat is picking at their food. They are telling you that they don’t like it. Because it may be stale to keep your cat healthy regularly. Change up their diet and incorporate small healthy treats every once in a while. This ensures that they feel loved and cared for.

Number 12 Spending time with Family

While cats are considered independent and are often left alone. They do enjoy spending time with their family. Cats will greet you at the door when you arrive cuddle with you before bedtime, and lick you to show their affection. Now that you know what your cat loves the most, make sure to make time to incorporate them into their daily lives. They will thank you and be healthier for it.

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