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Do You Know About The Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog’s Pros and Cons?

Do You Know About The Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog’s Pros and Cons?

Rhodesian Ridgeback top 10 facts when you first meet a Rhodesian ridgeback two things are immediately obvious. The striking ridge of hair along the back and the imposing stature. This is a strong dignified muscular breed and member of the hound group. Rhodesian ridgebacks aren’t probable to be the first dog that strangers reach over to puppy and cuddle the ones in the know. However, We appreciate all of the qualities that make the ridgeback beloved by fans. Here are the top 10 cool interesting facts about the Rhodesian ridgebacks. 

Fact 10: Catch me If you can 

Being natural-born hunters, Rhodesian Ridgebacks love to chase. Although it is fun to play with dogs that have an impulse to chase. It should only be done in a controlled area with high fins. These are fast dogs notorious for misbehaving when off-leash and can be mischievous enough to find a way over a low fence or wall.

Fact 9:  Ridge on Back

Rhodesian ridgebacks aka ridges are so named for the ridge of hair running along their spine; it runs in the opposite direction to the rest of their fur coat. Although it is a very distinctive feature of the breed not all ridges have it. 

Fact 8: Hunters at Heart 

This breed was developed in Africa as hunting dogs. They were used to chase and corner large game like lions, bears, and boars. They are still often used as hunting dogs today.

Fact 7: Bring on the Food

Ridges love to eat; they will literally make themselves sick by eating too much. If given lots of food due to their love of food. They can easily get overweight. Owners must exercise them daily and closely monitor their diet.

Fact 6: The Perfect Playmate

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are great with children almost overly. So they can be too rambunctious with young children and may knock them over when trying to play. Their love doesn’t stop with children. However, they are very protective of all members of their family.

Fact 5: Only When Necessary

Rhodesian ridgebacks are tolerant dogs and will not bark unnecessarily. They only use their voice as a warning or if there’s a sign of danger. They won’t even bark when the doorbell rings. So something needs to be seriously wrong for them to be upset.

Fact 4: Loved by Celebrities

This breed has been popular among celebrities for decades famous owners include Patrick Swayze, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Errol Flynn, and blake griffin. 

Fact 3: Friends with Cats

Rhodesian ridgebacks can be very fond of cats and other animals. If they’re raised in a house with other pets from a young age and familiar with each other. They can be very adaptable dogs. 

Fact 2: Stranger Danger

This breed is known to be aggressive towards strangers and unfamiliar animals. Keep a tight hold on them all through walks and keep a close eye on them at dog parks. Never let them off-leash. Unless it’s in a controlled surrounding far from unknown dogs.

Fact 1: Skin Condition

Strong and sweet Rhodesians are usually healthy robust dogs. However, they’re prone to a skin condition called a dermoid sinus. The genetic disease is usually found on the midline of the tail, neck, and back. Although it is not pretty to look at, surgery can remove the lumps that appear on your dog’s skin.

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