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Do you know Cocker Spaniel Dog’s Pros And Cons?

Do you know Cocker Spaniel Dog’s Pros And Cons?

Cocker Spaniel pros and cons. The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of gun dog. There is noteworthy for producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter among all dog breeds. The English Cocker Spaniel is an active, good-natured, sporting dog standing well up at the withers and compactly built. They’re good and bad. In this context, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of a cocker spaniel.

 So let’s get to the Cocker Spaniel Pros

 Number 1: A loving breed 

Cocker spaniels simply love to please their owners. Cocker spaniels are a social breed of dogs. So, they are going to appreciate a family situation where they can get a lot of cuddles and attention. Be careful though as it’s a cocker spaniel’s initial instinct to try and be the dominant master in the pack with proper training. However, he will soon settle into the family with you as his pack leader this takes us perfectly onto our next Pro Pro 

Number 2: Easily trainable

So maybe training any dog isn’t easy. But cocker spaniels are highly receptive to proper efficient training. They enjoy the training tasks set out each day for them and will catch on very quickly to commands and gestures.

 Number 3: sociable and adaptive

Cocker spaniels have a tendency to mix very well with humans of all ages. They additionally get on very well with other dogs. Especially when they are introduced to other species from an early age most cocker spaniels are generally very sweet-natured and friendly towards people.

 Number 4: A Healthy Breed

Cocker spaniels are considered a very healthy breed of dog with a good life expectancy. Although certain ailments are common to cockers. They do have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years with some living to almost 20 years old.

 Number 5: Perfect Family dogs

Cocker spaniels are one of the best breeds of dogs when it comes to kids they thrive around kids. Especially those aged 6 years and older. This is because they can have good play with children and aren’t too big that they could hurt them. They are also very robust and won’t mind a good wrestle with the kids.

 Number 6: Multiple choice of colors

If you are considering bringing a cocker spaniel home to your family. You have a choice of color there are at least seven recognized colors to choose from where some other breeds only come in one or two colors.

 Number 7: Silky coat without much casting

Cocker spaniels have a wonderful smooth silky coat which must be maintained through diet and regular grooming their coat. Also needs to be cut as they are not a dog that casts its coat. We will add though that although do not cast in general. They will lose some hair to some degree which is another reason to keep on top of their coat with regular brushing. So, we have covered what consider to be the pros of cocker spaniels.

Here let’s get to the Cocker Spaniel Cons

 Number 1: There are energy levels

This won’t be a con to some people. But a cocker spaniel has very high energy levels. They are the type of dog that you can exercise for hours at a time. But would still jump at the chance to go straight back out for another walk or a run along the beach. If your cocker doesn’t get enough exercise during the day believe that he is going to let you know about it. If you are elderly or cannot walk for long distances etc then a cocker spaniel may not be the best choice of dog for you.

 Number 2: Certain Types of Behavior

Certain types of children not to sound stereotypical. But a cocker spaniel won’t react. Well to certain types of behavior usually seen in very young children. Yes, but They tend to react poorly to pulling and nipping from small children the odd time. Dog just got up and walked away but many cockers have been known to bite and nip back in this situation. This can get out of hand. If both the child in question and the dog aren’t dealt with.

 Number 3: Food Aggression

Cocker spaniels can be very greedy dogs. If my springer spaniel went anywhere near him at feeding time. He would snap and smile at him. You also have to be careful not to encourage a cockatoo to eat your food. He will quickly come to associate your meal times as his treat time I have seen situations like. This develops to the point where the cocker spaniel just jumps up and takes the food of the plate. They will specifically target children’s plates to Kaka’s can be very sly in a smart with it so be on guard. 

Number 4: Maintaining their appearance regardless of whether you plan on showing.

Your cocker spaniel with a long flowing coat or simply having him trim short be prepared for constant grooming, regular brushing, and clipping is a must to stop tangling of the dog’s hair as well as keeping the slight shedding under control. Like We said, early cocker spaniels don’t really shed. But they eventually will lose hair naturally. If not groomed and cut.

Number 5: Ear Problems

Cockers are prone to ear infections as are most spaniels or other dogs that have large floppy down ears. They make the perfect breeding ground for infection as this area is prone to bacteria and moisture due to a lack of airflow. This can often make their ears smell. If not properly cared for the con.

Number 6: Cocker age syndrome 

Rage syndrome looks like an exaggerated form of status or dominance aggression. It is usually triggered by the unexpected approach of people when the dog is dozing. The dog snaps alert then attacks fighting and savaging.

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