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How Do Make Or Feel Your Budgie Trust You? Is it possible?

How Do Make Or Feel Your Budgie Trust You? Is it possible?

How to Gain Your Budgie Trust? And How do you bond with budgies? Is your budgie running away from your hand or freaking out every time? You’re trying to make contact with it. If you answered yes, these three ways will help you gain your budgie’s trust. Many people think I got my budgie tamed from the pet store. But that’s actually not true. These are results from an entire month.

I’ve been training Budgie for so no worries. You can also turn your skirt budgie into a trusting and friendly budgie. Follow it step by step.

Enter your hand inside its cage

Get your budgies’ trust is to enter your hand inside its cage. Do this every day for five minutes straight and place your finger on top of one of the perches. This way your budgie will get used to you and don’t worry. The first few times they will try to move or run away from your hand. You want to make your budgie understand that. you will not try to grab it or chase it.

A few days later you’ll notice, your budgie is feeling more comfortable with your presence and not freaking out. Every time you’re trying to refill their feeders or replace their water.

Hand Feeding

Another way to gain your budgie’s trust is to hand feed it. You want to start with millet spray. This is the ultimate treat and budgies absolutely go crazy for it. After your budgie is comfortable with millet spray. You can grab the regular seed mix and feed them. Once at a time using your fingertips

Talk with Budgie’s

Another thing that will get your budgies’ trust is to talk to it. Many people don’t do this as they think. It’s not helpful. but it’s actually really important talking to your budgie won’t only help it start mimicking your words. But also to get used to your presence and especially being calmer when you’re close to it. On the other hand, never chase your budgie or try to grab it. this will make you lose its trust in seconds.

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