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How to Trim Your Dog’s PAWS?

How to Trim Your Dog’s PAWS?

How to Trim the Hair from a Dog’s PAWS? We help you, how to turn the paws of a dog to remove excess hair. But we need to help keep this area clean. It’s also important for us to be aware of how delicate the paw pads are for dogs. We can trim the hair of our on the same day.

Give Them a Bath

We give them a bath by using a neutral shampoo. Specifically, the dogs paying attention to the parts which get the dirtiest such as legs. And Their balls drying properly is also very important to remove all the excess water with a towel. Before carefully passing a comb through their fur to remove superficial knots and tangles with the help of a hairdryer. We can finish up the legs as well, it’s important to note that the paw pads are part of the body.

Dogs generally do not like to be handled. 

Also, many dogs can get stressed by the sound of the dryer. We need to be patient and use positive reinforcement to keep our dogs calm.

Cut the fur with small scissors

When our dog’s fur is completely dry. We can pass the comb through. Once more to remove any more complicated knots, being careful not to hurt the dog with great care, pull out the hair between the pads, and we can purchase and truly separate the pads, and cut the fur in between with small scissors. Use a soft and tactful approach especially.

If this is the first time clipping this area for your dog. Once you’ve evenly trimmed the hair between the pads. You should take advantage of the situation and also cut their nails, be very careful not to cut into the nerve, and avoid cutting dark nails. If you don’t know what you do for trimming the edge of the pawns. Use scissors like these and trimming around a chip when removing the excess. We follow the same procedure for all four paws. 

Alternatively, you can set the paws on the ground and pass the scissors over. The edge to give an even rounded tip and all four paws.

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