Home Dog Interesting Facts About The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed For Dog Lover!

Interesting Facts About The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed For Dog Lover!

Interesting Facts About The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed For Dog Lover!

The Swedish Vallhund dog additionally referred to as the Västgötaspets and the Swedish cow dog is a breed of dog local to Sweden. The breed’s name, Vallhund, while translated into English, means herding dog, because the Swedish Vallhund turned into at first bred as a drover and herder of cows over 1,000 years ago.

Interesting Facts About The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed For Dog Lovers!

Swedish Vallhund is a Vikings dog that looks like a mix between a corgi and a wolf; it’s an energetic and playful dog breed. There are top 10 interesting facts about the Swedish Vallhund.

Their Origin

The Swedish Vallhund was previously known as Vikingarnas Hund or the Viking dog and indeed they originated in Sweden over 1,000 years ago, in the age of the Vikings. Their purpose was to herd sheep on farms and they also proved themselves as good watchdogs and companions.

Corgi similarity

There is an obvious similarity in appearance and temperament of Welsh Corgi and Swedish Vallhund. There are few theories as to how this happened. The first says that the Swedish Vallhund played part in the development of welsh corgi when the Vikings brought them to England. But the opposite is possible as well according to the AKC it’s possible that either the Swedish Wound was brought to Wales or the Corgi was taken to Sweden hence the similarities between the two breeds.


Today we are not calling this dog Vikings dog. But, Swedish Vallhund. And it’s a very descriptive name since the word Vallhund is a Swedish word that can be translated as shepherd dog or herding dog and indeed they make great herding dogs thanks to their small size they can nip at cattle heels without being kicked.


Most dog breeds have their typical length and style of tail. Not the Swedish Vallhund. Some of them are born with full-length tails, some of them are born with bobtails and some of them are even born with no tail at all. 

Barking dog

If you prefer quiet dogs you might look for a different breed. Because the Swedish Vallhund is extremely talkative and vocal. They will bark when there is something suspicious going on which makes them amazing watchdogs. But they will also bark to show a good mood and it really looks like they want to chat with you. It’s important to teach them some boundaries when they are still young so they don’t bark all day long.


During the Second World War many dog breeds almost became extinct in 1942 the Swedish Vallhunds came very close to extinction but thanks to careful breeding Bjorn von Rosen and Mr. Zetterstein the breed was saved and its popularity could start rising again.

Their size 

This is not the largest dog breed but even though they are pretty short, they are very muscular and strong. The average height is between 11 to 14 inches which are 28 to 46 centimeters. And, weight between 22 to 35 pounds which is 10 to 16 kilograms.

Postage stamps

This breed is very popular in Sweden so it’s not that surprising that they appeared on Swedish postage stamps. But they didn’t stop here. They also appeared on postage stamps of Russia Mali Tajikistan Nicaragua and Ukraine. This proves that Swedish Vallhund is quite popular all around the world.


The Swedish Vallhunds can be described as alert, live-like curious, independent, and confident dog breeds. He makes both a great loyal family companion and a courageous watchdog. Most Swedish Vallhunds owners described him as fun to be around dogs with a good sense of humor and a willing personality.

Health issue

This is generally a healthy dog breed with a great lifespan between 13 to 15 years. The only common health issue is progressive retinal atrophy occasionally. They can suffer from hip dysplasia they can have problems living in hot climate areas. And also, it’s important to provide them access to water all the time and provide them some cool places around your home when it’s hot outside.