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Simple Homemade dog food recipe chicken mince

Homemade dog food recipe chicken mince

Today we will discuss how to make a chicken mince homemade dog food recipe. Know I will tell you how I make it.

The first thing that we have to do is boil three cups of water, which I have going on over here and I’m gonna add one and a half cups of dry brown rice to that, and I’m just gonna let that cook.

While I’m prepping the other ingredients now in this pan, this one’s already on medium heat so, I’m going to add a tablespoon of olive oil and three pounds of chicken mince, and I’m just gonna cook the ground chicken until it is completely browned.

And in that time the rice should cook completely as well now my chicken mince has browned and my rice is cooked as well I’m gonna go ahead and add the cooked rice tonight chicken.


And I’m also going to add three cups of baby spinach two large carrots that I’ve chopped into small pieces one zucchini that I’ve shredded you can also shred the carrots if you’d like or boil them first.

If you want them to be really tender especially if you have a dog with dental health problems that might be beneficial our dogs don’t mind a little bit of crunch and they are homemade foods, so I just leave them cut into small pieces, and then I have a cup of frozen peas you can use canned peas and fresh if you have those on hand.

I’m going to give this a quick little stir it’s still on medium heat and then once I get everything stir it around a little bit, I’m gonna cover this and let it sit for about five minutes on medium heat.

Chicken mince recipe video

That’s gonna wilt the spinach up tenderize the carrots a little bit and those frozen peas that it’s gonna warm those thoroughly as well once you have once you’ve left it covered for five minutes.

You’re all set just let it cool and you can feed it to your dog here’s what my homemade chicken mince dog food looks like when it is finished cooking to see that the spinach.

You know wilted it’s much easier to stir around everything is warm now, so once this cools you can feed it to your dog.

I recommend feeding about half a cup for every 20 to 25 pounds of body weight keep in mind that more active dogs need more calories while less active dogs won’t need quite as many.

it’s really best to check with your veterinarian about the perfect serving size for your pet and also get any recommendations on added supplements or multivitamins that you could add, I hope your dog loves this chicken mince dog food as much as our says.

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