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Special care of Holland Lop Bunny: images, video, size, lifespan & price

Holland lop is a name of a rabbit or bunny. This breed of rabbit was recognized by the American rabbit association in 1979 & the Netherland rabbit council in 1984. Holland lop rabbits are very adorable rabbits and shorter in size with cuteness. That’s why everybody falls in love with them. We can also call them dwarf rabbits for their weight. This breed of rabbits is quite friendly, affectionate warm, and friendly. Holland lop rabbits are very easy to handle, male holland lops are also known as bucks & female lop rabbits are also known as Doe. So you can take care of your bunny very easily, minimum weekly 3 times birth, give fresh water & food. Don’t forget to play with your bunnies, it’s very important for bunnies’ health & long life. Below step by step, we share with you holland rabbits images, videos, size, lifespan, price & colors.


Holland lop baby bunnies

Cute holland lop rabbit

Holland Lop Bunny

Black Color Holland Lop Bunny



When this bunny grows up properly with love & care its weight can be 4 lb. A baby bunny in 2-3 weeks can feet in a mug of tea.


7 to 10 years average lifetime of a holland lop bunnies. For a long life of a bunny, you have to give proper time to them. They are very friendly and love to play. They haven’t serious diseases but they can face some common rabbit diseases. So you have to care for your bunny.


Calculate the price range of this breed is too difficult. Normally baby bunnies can be $30 but their price can be $25 to $500 or more! It depends on the bunnies’ color, age, health, size & breeds.

Colors of Holland lop bunnies

As we know holland bunny breeds have lots of colors. The exact color can not be declared but we can say they have up to 30 colors. We can share with you the most common color of these bunnies. Below we share the color group name of these bunnies.


  1. Black
  2. Chocolate
  3. Blue
  4. Ruby-Eyed White
  5. Lilac
  6. Blue-Eyed White


  1. Broken Blue
  2. Seal
  3. Blue Seal
  4. Siamese Sable
  5. Blue Point
  6. Sable Point
  7. Smokey Pearl
  8. Blue Tort
  9. Black Tort
  10. Squirrel
  11. Chinchilla

Pointed White

  1. Blue-Pointed White
  2. Black-Pointed White
  3. Others-Pointed


  1. Black Gold
  2. Silver

Tan Pattern

  1. Black Otter
  2. Blue Otter
  3. Broken Blue Otter
  4. Chocolate Otter
  5. Lilac Otter

Wide Band

  1. Frosty
  2. Cream
  3. Orange

Holland lop rabbit short view

Lifespan Size Color Price
7 to 10 years 4 lb (mature size) Lots of colors $25 to $500 or more!


We try to share holland lop bunny information for our visitors, hopefully, you all enjoy this content. If you have bunnies and you want to buy them or if you have an interesting memory with your bunnies then comment here and share your feelings with us.

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