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Why Do You Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed? (10 Health Benefits)

Why Do You Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed? (10 Health Benefits)

Do you know why You let your dog sleep on your bed? There has usually been a breakup with regards to whether or not you have to invite your dog into your bed. Some people swear by it saying that they get a better sleep when they’re snuggling with their fur baby by their side. However, there are others who believe that a dog should go to sleep in their own separate bed on the floor today. We’ll let you know the 10 healthy benefits of letting your dog sleep on your bed.

Number 10: Reduces Blood Pressure

Did you know that high blood pressure can interfere with sleep? Researchers at the University of Arizona monitored the blood stress of 300 women and men for 2 days. They discovered that the participants, who experienced more restlessness and sleep disruptions had increased blood pressure overnight and higher systolic readings. The next day for those suffering from high blood pressure. A dog could help keep levels under control. Studies demonstrate that petting your puppy for just 15 minutes can result in a 10 percent drop in blood pressure.

Other research scientists found that people placed under mental stress had lower blood pressure. If their pooch was in the room with them. So, sleeping with your fur baby could help. Keep your readings in check and pave the way for a restful night.

Number 9: Relieves stress

One thing that dogs offer without question is unconditional love for someone battling depression. This kind of connection can feel hard to come by to receive without the questions asked and may work wonders during a specially tough time. There’s ample evidence that stress contributes to insomnia. For example, a 2004 study found that employees who reported no previous trouble with sleeping experience disruptions in their sleep patterns when under stress at work a 2019 report from the American Psychological Association reveals that stress is on the rise in America.

It’s no surprise then that about 30 percent of the US population complains. They’re not getting enough sleep fortunately for dog owners. Studies tell us that interacting with your pooch helps to relieve stress. Researchers at Washington state university found that petting a dog for as low as 10 minutes can reduce levels of the pressure hormone cortisol 2001 examine demonstrated. Having a dog can help reduce stress-related blood pressure. The anxiety and depression association of America Ada asserts that pets are helpful to reduce stress.

Number 8: Helps ease insomnia

Their presence promotes calm stress relief and a feeling of safety. So basically they take away all the things that keep you up at night. Mary Rose Psy’d CBSM described the potential role that canines can play in treating sleep disorders co-sleeping with the pooch can reduce anxiety levels and positively impact hyperarousal and hypervigilance as a result patients may feel more relaxed and able to sleep. However, the benefits vary from dog to dog. Some pups may be disruptive to sleep.

For example, overweight pups are prone to snoring, the extra fat around the neck can put pressure on the throat area much like sleep apnea in humans. If your friend is overweight check with your veterinarian approximately a weight loss program.

Number 7: Strengthens your bond and builds loyalty

Dogs have a reputation for being loyal to fido. You’re his most important person. So, if work or other responsibilities keep you away for extended periods of time. your friend may suffer from separation anxiety. Or depression, one way to help him cope is by co-sleeping. It can construct a stronger bond between the 2 of you and assist him to experience more love in the long run. Sharing a bed may improve your relationship with fido. If you think about letting your puppy on your bed. Will spoil him and cause him to think he’s your equal.

It’s possible, luckily it is not normally the case until your pooch has pre-present behavior issues. If you have any concerns about your fur baby talk to your vet or to a dog behavior specialist before letting him sleep with you.

Number 6: Eases Chronic Pain

Therapy animals may be an essential part of many treatment regimens. Having a pooch to puppy and take care of helps patients ease loneliness and can have antidepressant effects. But there’s evidence that sleeping with your fur baby can also ease chronic pain symptoms. Scientists at the University of Alberta unveiled several benefits for chronic pain patients. If they co-sleep with their dog, lower stress and anxiety levels, ability to fall asleep faster, increase relaxation ability to sleep longer, reduce feelings of anxiety and loneliness, mild to moderate pain relief according to researchers.

The results could be due to an endorphin surge that occurs when you cuddle with or stroke your pooch. Of course, caring for your fur baby includes playtime and exercise and the activity helps tire you out before bedtime.

Number 5: Increased sense of security

Did you know that a major cause of insomnia is anxiety? Good news if your nerves ramp up around bedtime your fur baby may help you relax and sleep better for several reasons. First, the increase in oxytocin in the blood can help to mitigate your stress. Studies demonstrate that this hormone aids in the fight against stress and anxiety. So keeping vital close by may be useful to reduce anxious feelings and make you feel more secure and that feeling of security. Also, triggers a release in serotonin, melatonin, and other chemicals that support a night of deep restorative sleep.

Another way that your pooch elevates your sense of well-being is by feeling your body warmth and hearing his steady breathing in 2014. The mayo clinic conducted a study among pet owners about the sleeping behaviors of their animals 41 percent of respondents indicated that letting their companion share their bed helped them sleep some of the participants shared that keeping their pet in the bed made them feel secure and relaxed. It’s important to note that you don’t have to invite fido up on the bed to reap some of these benefits. You can provide him with a comfy dog mattress at the foot of your birth.

Of course, co-sleeping with your pooch. Also fosters a sense of security. Because you have built-in protection you expect your light sleeping fur baby to alert you to any unusual sounds or circumstances during the night. If your puppy has a hair cause reaction to every little issue. They’ll avoid your sleep more than assist it. In this case, you may want to give them their own bed or create them in your room overnight.

Number 4: Built-in bed warmer

Gone are the days of hot water bottles. When you co-sleep with fido, that’s because the normal body temperature for dogs is about 101 to 102.5 Fahrenheit as compared to our normal temperature of 97.6 to 99.6 Fahrenheit. So certainly your pooch lets you live warm in the dead of winter because most people want to experience toasty while we are sleeping. Cuddling with your puppy can make you feel more comfortable. The great thing is that your body. Also, reflects some heat back on your fur baby so that he’s warmer too.

You always found that the best part of Autumn and winter was snuggling up with pets. They are like little warm water bottles that also can steal the covers. However, in case you need to live warm without exhausting your heating bill then you definitely have to cuddle with your dog.

Number 3: Companionship and Comfort

We’ve already seen that study show that there are several mental and physical health benefits associated with owning a dog. Since co-sleeping with your fur baby increases your interaction time. It can also suggest a more beneficial way of sharing a bed with your pooch. Improves your experience of companionship and comfort. Think about it snuggling up on your doggy stroking his fur and listening to his breathing. It may be comforting while you cuddle at bedtime. You’ll be capable of sleeping higher and enhancing your near bond with your fur baby.

Number 2: Synchronizes heartbeats

Another way that the human-dog bond shows up is through the synchronization of heartbeats. A joint examination verified that once dogs and their owners reunited after a duration of separation. Their hearts would slow down and beat in sync within about a minute. The research shows that when pups are with their masters. Their hearts sync up this evidence further supports the calming effect that our four-footed friends have on our brains. So, just think about how you share the same heart rate? When you’re sleeping next to your friend and in deep rejuvenating sleep patterns according to the center for disease control. Getting enough sleep is crucial for heart-healthy adults. Who average less than seven hours of quality sleep every night time?

They are more likely to be afflicted by situations like excessive blood stress and diabetes. And weight problems all may make a contribution to coronary heart disease luckily according to Harvard medical school owning a dog can be a reasonable part of an overall strategy to lower the risk of heart disease. They report that studies show people who have canine companions have lower blood pressure and may have powerful triglycerides and cholesterol levels. So, cuddle up with your fur baby to support a healthy heart.

Number 1: Increases oxytocin levels

Let’s take a closer look at the feel-good hormone. oxytocin a 2018 sleep deprivation study demonstrated that disturbed rest patterns were linked to levels of oxytocin in the blood with elevated amounts of the hormone people tend to experience improved sleep and better pain management what does that have to do with your puppies in 2017 scientists published findings in frontiers in psychology that demonstrated a positive feedback loop involving oxytocin when humans and dogs share positive interactions that include cuddling do.

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