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Why Do Your Dogs Chase Their Tail? Is it a serious Problem?

Why Do Your Dogs Chase Their Tail? Is it a serious problem?

Do you know Dogs Chase Their Tail? But why do dogs chase their tails? Is it natural or you should be concerned about this behavior. If you’re a dog owner you’ve probably witnessed your dog chasing its tail over and over again in a circle. Well, most of the time it’s usually harmless behavior. However, if the teal chasing appears to be obsessive then there could be a health issue. 

So, Why do dogs chase their tails? 

A possible answer to why dogs chase their tails? Could be simply because they’re a puppy and usually a dog’s age. Here are a few reasons that dogs chase their tails. 

The most common reason is Boredom

Sometimes dogs chase their tails simply because of boredom. This may be because they’re left alone most of the day or aren’t getting enough mental or physical exercise. Dogs need a lot of physical activity to stay in good physical and mental health. If they are bored then their tail may look like a good toy to them. 

Playfulness behavior

And another reason is that puppies love to discover more about their world with their mouth. This kind of plate dies down and there’s one more thing which we would like to add that your dog tail chasing. As they are growing up, they are learning new things about themselves.  And discover their anatomies in a sense. Also, puppies are incredibly playful. So they may just see their tail as a fun toy to chase. But don’t worry, they’ll probably grow out of this behavior.

Attention Seeking

Maybe because of attention-seeking. See if they feel like they’re not getting enough attention from you. Most stocks will do many silly things to grab your attention. Which include behaviors such as steel chasing. But you have to understand the difference between playing with a tail and chewing the tail. Sometimes dogs choose their tail because they are bored or curious about their tail. 


Dogs tail chasing may be a symptom of anxiety. Repetitive behaviors such as this could be a source of comfort for dogs. If it’s served as a stress reliever once, they can begin to do it, Whenever they feel nervous. A few reasons for anxiety in dogs can be:

(a) Small living areas

(b) Aggression from some other pet

(c) Lack of possibilities to socialize

(d) Previous scary experiences.

(e) Physical or emotional abuse in the home.

Dogs that have skilled the matters listed above are a long way much more likely to expand coping compulsions. If you observed your dog’s tail chasing can be an end result of an anxiety-related compulsion, you must contact a Vet. Who can recommend to you how to assist your puppy?

Health Problem

Other times a dog chewing its tail can be a sign of something more serious which you should be concerned about. If your dog chews their tail more often then there might be some serious problem on their tail. Like allergic reactions, parasites, pain or ticks, and infection, or even cancer. So make sure you check your dog’s tail.

Frequently hope you found your answer to why dogs chase.

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