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Why Should Only Get a Bernese Mountain Dog No Anyone Else?

Why Should Only Get a Bernese Mountain Dog No Anyone Else?

Get a Bernese Mountain Dog. Why Should Only Get a Bernese Mountain Dog No Anyone Else? If you are looking for a highly intelligent, easily trainable, and the working dog then no one is better than a Bernese mountain dog. We’ll explain 6 reasons to get a Bernese Mountain dog.

Number 6: Bernese have a wicked sense of humor

There is probably no other breed that is more intelligent than the Bernese mountain dog. You will discover that the gleam in their eye is more than a reflection of how small they are. It can also be a good indication that you are about to be the recipient of the dog prank. Bernese are large enough as adults to become the tripping hazard. So they will sneak up behind your legs and they stay there waiting until you stumble over them.

Number 5: Bernese love to work around the house

The Bernese mountain dog was initially bred to help farmers haul around the large courts. They transported supplies and tools around the farm they worked at high elevations allowing their secret to pull heavyweight up and incline to help their owners get some work done. This bridge still loves to work whenever you can find a job for them. Bernese are also excellent family dogs because of these traits. But you must also put in the time and effort to help them stay active to avoid any unwanted behavior from revolving.

Number 4: Bernese is the most faithful companion You will ever find

The Bernese mountain dog is one of the most affectionate breeds that you’ll discover today. They are faithful to a fault, wanting to be with their family all the time although that can be problematic. If their favorite person is not at home frequently. You will discover that the protective, hard-working personality of Bernese is one of the best traits. You will experience any breed even with some of their hip and elbow healthy issues. These dogs are also sturdy. So they don’t mind a little horseplay. 

Number 3: Bernese is a patient and gentle family companion 

When you may gain a Bernese mountain dog as a pet dog. Then you will discover that they integrate quickly into your family structure. They are very playful in their younger years which is a trait that does not entirely go away when they begin to look for jobs to do around the home. Bernese is exceptionally gentle with children seeing themselves as a valued member of the family who is co-equal to everyone.

Number 2: Bernie’s mountain dogs thrive in cold weather

Bernese are genetically accustomed to living in cold high altitude environments. Dog lovers who live in semi-tropical regions will not be suitable matches for Bernese mountain dogs. Because the weather stays warm all year. This means your puff will be miserable, their thick coat makes them a natural fit for the cold climate convergently because their thick coat is mostly black. They are prone to heatstroke hence Bernese mountain dog owners should not allow their merch to exercise when it’s hot outside. We recommend limiting their exercise session to when it’s colder, most likely in the early morning or evening.

Number 1: Bernese get along with children and other pets in the household

Because Bernese mountain dogs are very affectionate. They generally do well with children and other pets in the house. Bernese are patient in nature and could take nicely while kids need to climb over them. They are gentle with kids. Because they’ve seen them as a valuable member of the family. However, even though a Bernese can sum up to be a large lovable teddy bear for kids any playtime between dogs and children should be under supervision. They also don’t mind other pets in the household as long as they are gradually and safely introduced to them when they arrive.

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